You are suspected of the indictable offence of murder (xxxxxxx), you are being requested to undergo a forensic procedure which would tend to confirm or disprove your involvement in the commission of the indictable offence. The nature of the procedure that we seek to conduct is the taking of a buccal swab.  You may request the procedure be conducted by or in the presence of a medical practitioner of your choice.你涉嫌犯有谋杀罪(公诉罪名);现在要求为你进行司法取样;这项取样有助于确认你是否参与了此项公诉罪行。我们实质上是希望进行口腔粘膜取样。你可以自选一名医务人员来取样或者要求取样时请该医务人员在场。  
The procedure could produce evidence to be used in a court. The information obtained from the analysis of forensic material obtained by the procedure will be placed on a DNA database and may be used for the purposes of a criminal investigation or any other purpose for which the DNA database may be used under subdivision 464ZF of the Crimes Act 1958 or under corresponding law of a participating jurisdiction. You may refuse to undergo the procedure.  If you refuse to undergo the procedure and the procedure is defined as compulsory procedure a member of the police force may make application to a Magistrate Court for an order to authorize for the conduct of procedure.此次取样产生的证据可能会在法庭上使用。对其分析后所获得的信息,将放入 DNA 数据库中, 并且可能按照《1958 年刑事犯罪法 》第 464ZF 条款规定或者根据有关司法管辖区的相关法律,用于刑事调查目的;或用于可能需要使用 DNA 数据库的其它目的。你可以拒绝取样。你如果拒绝,而取样又被确定为强制性取样,警方可以向初级法院申请授权取样命令。  
Do you understand this information?你明白这些内容吗?
Do you have any comment to make regarding this information?你对以上内容有什么意见吗?
Do you consent or do you give your permission for the forensic procedure?你同意或允许取样吗?