Family violence – the facts家庭暴力概述 
Under the Victorian Government’s Family Violence Protection Act 2008 Family violence is:根据维多利亚州政府颁布的《2008年家庭暴力保护法》规定,家庭暴力是指:
(a) behaviour by a person towards a family member of that person if that behaviour(a) 某人对家人所实施的如下行为 
·       is physically or sexually abusive; or·       身体虐待或性虐待;或 
·       is emotionally or psychologically abusive; or·       情感虐待或心理虐待;或 
·       is economically abusive; or·       经济虐待;或 
·       is threatening; or·       威胁;或 
·       is coercive; or·       高压胁迫; 或 
·       in any other way controls or dominates the family member and causes that family member to feel fear for the safety or wellbeing of that family member or another person;·       以其它任何方式控制或支配家人,并导致此人为自己或为其他人的安全或身心健康感到恐惧; 
(b) behaviour by a person that causes a child to hear or witness, or otherwise be exposed to the effects of, behaviour referred to in paragraph (a).(b) 导致未成年人听到或目睹上述 (a) 款中所述的行为、或受到所述行为影响的行为。 
Family violence can affect anyone in the community – regardless of gender, age, location, socio-economic and health status, culture, sexual identity, ability, ethnicity or religion. While it can be perpetrated by any member of a family against another, it is more likely to be perpetrated by men against women and children.不论人们的性别、年龄、地点、社会经济地位、健康状况、文化、性认同、能力、民族、宗教,家庭暴力会对社会中的每一个人产生影响。虽然家中任何人都可能会对另一人实施家庭暴力,但是男性对妇女儿童实施家暴的可能性更大。 
The Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey, a rigorous national study based on face to face interviews with over 17,300 Australians found that:澳大利亚统计局在全国深入开展了一项《人身安全调查》,经过对17,300多名澳大利亚人进行的面对面访谈后发现: 
One in three women had experienced physical violence since the age of 15三分之一的妇女从十五岁开始就遭受过身体暴力; 
Nearly one in five women had experienced sexual violence since the age of 15;将近五分之一的妇女从十五岁开始就遭受过性暴力;
16% of women had experienced violence by a current or previous partner since the age of 15百分之十六的妇女从十五岁开始就遭受过当前伴侣或过去伴侣所施加的暴力。 
Intimate partner violence especially affects pregnant women. The ABS found that 36% of women who experienced intimate partner violence were pregnant at the time of the violence and 17% of those women were pregnant when the violence started (ABS 2006).亲密伴侣所实施的暴力,对孕妇的影响尤为突出。澳大利亚统计局发现,遭受过亲密伴侣暴力的妇女中,36%的人是在孕期遭受的暴力; 其中17%是在怀孕后就开始遭受伴侣的暴力(澳大利亚国家统计局,2006年)。