Attorney General: 检察长、律政部长

Director of Public Prosecutions: 检察长或首席公诉人

Judge: 法官审判员

Magistrate: 初级法院法官、治安法官

Coroner: 验尸官死因裁判官

Barrister: 大律师出庭律师、诉讼律师

Solicitor/Lawyer: 事务律师文案律师、沙律师

Master of the Supreme Court: 州级高等法院主管司法官

The Master of the Supreme Court is an officer of the Court, junior to judges, with partly judicial and partly administrative responsibilities.

Prothonotary (Supreme Court): 首席书记官或立案登记官(州级高等法院)

Registrar of the County Court (Equivalent of Prothonotary):


Registrar of the Magistrate’s Court (Previously known as Clerk of Court): 初级法院书记官或立案登记官(过去称为法院文书)

Registrar of the Family law Court: 家事法院司法常务官或立案登记官或书记官

Sheriff: 司法执行官

Bailiff: 执达员;法警

Judge’s Associate: 法官助理;

Associate Judge: 助理法官

Tipstaff: 法庭警卫

The Tipstaff is an officer of a court or, in some countries, a law clerk to a judge. The duties of the position vary from country to country. It is also the name of a symbolic rod, which represents the authority of the tipstaff or other officials such as senior police officers.

Tribunal Member (AAT, VCAT): 行政上诉庭庭审官或裁判官

Fairwork Australia Committee Commissioner: 公平工作委员会专员

Fairwork Ombudsman office: 公平工作特派员办事处

Office of Public Prosecutions: 公诉人办公室

Director of Public Prosecutions: 检察长或首席公诉人

Department of Public Advocate: 公共利益代言人办公室