Air rifle/gun: 气枪

Rifle or gun from which a pellet or dart is propelled by compressed air.

Automatic firearm: 自动枪

One which reloads automatically as part of the firing action.

Breech: 枪闩

Part of the firearm which holds the round for firing.

Machine gun: 机关枪

Firearm which fires all ammunition automatically when the trigger is depressed.

Pistol: 手枪

Small firearm, able to be easily concealed about the person.

Rifle: 步枪

Bolt-action, semi-automatic or automatic  Has grooved rifling in the barrel.

Sawn-off shotgun/rifle: 锯短的步枪

Firearm with the barrel and/or butt shortened so as to make it easier to conceal about the person.

Scope: 瞄准镜

Telescopic sight affixed to a rifle.

Shotgun: 散弹枪

Firearm with no furling in the barrel.  Fires a large cartridge, usually filled with shot of varying sizes.  Lever action and pump action describe the loading mechanisms.

Sight/s: 瞄准具

Parts of a firearm which, when aligned by the shooter, direct the firearm to the target.

Silencer: 消音器

Device placed on the barrel of a firearm to muffle or deaden the sound of the report.