Most common indictable offences


(Some of these may be heard in a Magistrates’ Court)

Resisting Arrest (using firearm to resist or prevent Arrest):  武装拒捕

Abduction of person under 18 with intent to have sexual intercourse: 诱拐18岁以下未成年人, 意图进行性行为

Abortion: 堕胎罪

Administering drugs for purposes of sexual penetration: 用药迷奸

Affray: 斗殴闹事

Aggravated Burglary: 严重侵入住宅罪

Aiding and abetting a person to drive a motor car whilst disqualified: 协从或教唆他人无证驾驶

Aiding and abetting offences within or outside Victoria: 在维州境内外协从或教唆犯罪

Armed robbery: 携械抢劫

Armed with offensive weapon: 携带攻击性武器

Being armed with an offensive weapon.

Resisting Arrest (assault with intent to resist or prevent): (攻击) 拒捕

Assault: 殴打;攻击

Assault with intent to: 蓄意行凶

Adding the intended offence.

Attempted: 企图……未遂……

Adding offence attempted.

Attempt to commit and indictable offence: 企图刑事犯罪

Bestiality: 兽奸

Blackmail: 勒索

Burglary:  入室)盗窃;夜盗罪

Careless driving: 鲁莽驾驶

Carrying firearm: 持械

Causing explosion(likely to endanger life or injure property): 造成爆炸(很可能威胁生命或财物)

Causing injury intentionally or recklessly: 故意或过失伤害

Child destruction: 杀害胎儿罪

Child stealing: 拐带儿童

Concealing offence for benefit: 包庇犯罪

Conduct (reckless; endangering life): (鲁莽, 威胁他人性命的) 行为

Conspiracy(at common law): 同谋(习惯法)

Conspiracy(codified in crimes act): 同谋(刑法定义)

Criminal damage by fire: 刑事纵火损毁

Culpable driving: 刑事上的)危险驾驶

Cultivation of a narcotic plant: 种植麻醉品类植物

Damaging property: 损毁财物

Damage or destroy property (threat to): 毁坏或损坏财物(威胁)

Deception (obtaining financial advantage by): 诈骗

Demand (making; with a threat to kill etc.): 勒索(如:以杀害相威胁)

Destroying or damaging property: 毁坏或损害财物

Driving whilst disqualified: 无证驾驶

Driving a motor car whilst disqualified.

Drunk driving: 酒醉驾驶

Under the influence of intoxicating liquor or of a drug.

Drunk in charge of a motor car.

Escape: 逃走;逃跑;逃逸

Escaping from legal custody.

Exceed 0.05%: 超过0.05%

Driving a motor car whilst having a blood alcohol content exceeding 0.05%.

False affidavit: 虚假宣誓证词

Swearing a false affidavit.

False imprisonment: 非法监禁

False information (furnishing): (提供)虚假资料

False report to police: 向警察作假报告

Making a false report to police.

False statement as to threat to property (persons): 有关威胁损害财物或人士的虚假声明

Forgery and uttering: 伪造或故意使用伪造品

Explosion (causing; likely to endanger life or injury property): 爆炸(造成爆炸;很可能危及生命或财物)

Goods in custody: 扣押的货物

Having goods in custody suspected of having been stolen.

Gross indecency: 严重猥亵罪

Committing an act of gross indecency.

Handling stolen goods: 处理赃物

Harbouring a gaol escapee: 窝藏逃犯

Harbouring or concealing a child: 窝藏或隐匿儿童

Hijack: 劫持

Unlawfully exercising control of an aircraft (motor, vessel etc.).

House breaking implements: 撬门入室

Being in possession of house breaking implements without lawful excuse.

Incest: 乱伦

Inciting a person to resist arrest: 教唆拒捕

Inciting a person to resist a member of the police force on the lawful execution of his duty.

Incitement: 教唆

Indecent assault: 猥亵

Indecent assault on a female(or male) person – add “under the age of sixteen years” if applicable.

Indecent behaviour: 下流行为

Behaving in an indecent manner in a public place.

Indecent language: 使用下流语言

Using indecent language in a public place.

Kidnapping: 绑架

Infanticide: 杀婴罪

Interference with railway equipment with intent to damage ending etc: 干扰铁路设备, 企图破坏机车等

Loiter with intent: 故生事端

Loitering with intent to commit a felony.

Manslaughter: 误杀;过失杀人

Murder: 谋杀

Obtaining property by deception: 诈骗财物

Perjury: 伪证

Perverting the course of public justice: 妨碍司法公正

Possessing anything with the purpose of destroying or damaging property 持械企图破坏财物

Possession of a drug of dependence: 私藏毒品

Procuring for prostitution: 介绍妇女卖淫

Possess drug of addiction: 藏毒

Being in possession of a drug of addiction.

Possess pistol without a licence: 无证持枪

Being in possession of a pistol without a licence.

Rape: 强奸

Rape(Attempted): 强奸未遂

Removal of articles from place open to public: 取走公物

Riot: 骚乱

Reckless driving: 鲁莽驾驶

Driving a motor car in a reckless manner.

Refuse breath test: 拒绝呼吸测试

Refusing a lawful breath test  Refusing a preliminary breath test.

Resisting arrest: 拒捕

Resisting a member of the police force in the lawful execution of his/her duty.

Robbery: 抢劫

Speed dangerous: 超速危险驾驶

Driving a motor car in a manner dangerous to the public.

Self administering a drug of addiction: 使用成瘾药

Sell drug of addiction: 出售成瘾药

Selling a drug of addiction.

Sexual penetration 16-18 years: 奸污16-18岁之间的未成年人

With a person aged between sixteen and eighteen.

Smoke Indian hemp: 吸大麻

Serious injury (intentionally causing): 严重伤害(故意引起)

Setting trap or device to cause serious injury: 设圈套或手段以造成严重伤害

Suicide (inciting): 自杀 (教唆)

Theft: 偷窃

Theft of a motor car: 偷汽车

Threatening words: 威胁语言

Threat to inflict serious injury: 威胁严重伤害

Threat to kill: 威胁杀害

Trafficking in drugs of dependence: 贩运成瘾药

Throwing a missile (stone)to danger of person: 掷物(石)伤人

Trafficking Indian Hemp: 贩运大麻

Unauthorised selling of an hallucinogenic drug: 无证出售迷幻药

Unlawful assault: 非法侵犯人身

Unlawfully on premises: 非法进入

Being found on premises without lawful excuse.

Unlawful possession: 非法拥有

Being in the possession of property suspected of being stolen or unlawfully obtained.

Unregistered motor car: 未注册车辆

Driving an unregistered motor car.

Use Firearm to prevent arrest: 持械拒捕

Using a firearm to prevent lawful apprehension.

Vagrancy: 流浪罪

Having insufficient lawful means of support.

Wilful damage: 故意损害

Causing wilful damage.