Bolt-cutter: 铁枝剪

Large cutting device used to cut wire, padlocks, bolts etc.

Coat-hanger: 铁线衣架

Curved piece of metal, with a hook attached.

Gas Pliers: 煤气管钳

Small pincers with long jaws, for bending wire, holding small objects, etc.

Jemmy or jemmy-bar: 撬棍

Angled steel bar for levering windows, doors or bolts.

Multi Grips: 多用钳

Same as for Gas pliers.

Picklock: 撬锁刀

Small device inserted in locks and manipulated so as to spring the lock.

Pinch Bar: 钢钎

Same as for Jemmy Bar.

Screwdriver: 螺丝刀, 螺丝起子

A tool fitted into the slotted head of a screw for driving in or withdrawing it by turning.

Stilson: 大扳手

Large wrench used to turn door handles.

Most common explosives: 雷管, 引信

Device for triggering the explosion.

Dynamite: 甘油炸药