Ballistic knife: 投射刀

A device or instrument designed or adapted to fire or discharge a knife, dagger or similar instrument by mechanical, percussive or explosive means.

Blow gun: 吹矢枪

Which means a blow pipe or similar device or instrument designed to propel an arrow, dart or similar projectile by air expelled from the mouth.

Butterfly knife: 蝴蝶折刀

A knife with a two piece handle which folds together to cover both edges of the blade (where the blade exceeds 7 cm in length).

Dagger: 匕首

A sharp pointed stabbing instrument, ordinarily capable of being concealed on the person.

Flick knife: 弹簧刀

A knife designed or adapted so that he blade is concealed when folded or recessed into the handle and which opens by gravity or centrifugal force, or by any pressure applied to a button, spring or device in or attached to the handle of the knife.

Knuckle knife: 指节刀

An open or exposed blade or similar instrument attached to a handle that is designed or adapted to be held between the knuckles (including the device commonly known as the “Urban Pal Knife”.

Knuckle duster: 指节套

A device or instrument designed or adapted to be worn across the knuckles of a hand so as to:

1. Increase the force or impact of a punch or blow when striking another with that hand; and

2. Protect the knuckles from injury.

Nunchaku: 双节棍

A device used in martial arts.  Comprises two sticks or batons joined by length of chain or cord.

Swordstick: 剑鞘

A cane, stick or similar article designed or adapted to hold the blade of a sword so that it is concealed from view until withdrawn from the cane, stick or article.