You are suspected to have committed the offence of (name of offence) /going to be summoned for the offence of (name of offence)/going to be charged with the offence of (name of offence). Your fingerprints are required for the purposes of identification.  Your fingerprints may be used as evidence in court.你涉嫌犯有_________罪(罪名)。你将因此__________罪(罪名)受到传唤/起诉。为鉴定你的身份,我们需要提取指纹。你的指纹有可能在法庭用作证据。
If you refuse to give you fingerprints voluntarily, a member of the police force may use reasonable force to obtain them.如果你拒绝自愿提供指纹,警察可以使用合理的武力来提取指纹。  
If you are not charged with a relevant offence within 6 months, or so charged but the charge is not proceeded with, or that you are found not guilty of the offence or any other relevant offence before then end of that period, then the fingerprints will be destroyed.如果在六个月内你没有受到相关罪行的指控;或者受到指控但是指控没有继续下去;或在六个月内,对于涉嫌的罪行或其它相关罪行你被判无罪;那么你的指纹就将被销毁。
Do you understand this information?你明白这些内容吗?
Do you have any comment to make regarding this information?你对以上内容要什么意见吗?
Do you consent to giving your fingerprints?你同意提取你的指纹吗?