Chief Commissioner: 警察局长

Deputy Commissioner: 警察局局长

Assistant Commissioner: 警察局助理局长

Commander: 指挥官

Chief Superintendent: 总警司

Superintendent: 警司

Chief Inspector: 总督察

Inspector: 督察

Senior Sergeant: 高级警长

Sergeant: 警长

Senior Constable: 高级警员

Leading Senior Constable: 资深 高级警员

Reservist: 后备警员

Constable (with no insignia): 不佩戴警徽的)警员

Police Special Terminology


Brawler Van警长巡逻车

Large marked police van, usually crewed by 4 to 5 personnel under the control of a Sergeant and which specifically targets hotels and areas of large public gatherings.

D. 24: 维州警察调度台

Victoria Police Communications Section, from which tasks are transmitted to vehicles on patrol.

Divi Van or Divisional Van: 小囚车

Marked police panel van used on patrol and for conveying persons arrested or in custody.  Usually one on issue to each Division (Police geographical area).

Duty Officer: 值班警务人员

Supervisor of senior rank, usually Inspector or Senior Sergeant who supervises a District and may be called to a police station to investigate a complaint made by a member of the public about police action.

Observer: 记录巡警

Passenger in police vehicle who keeps a log of events, operates radio, navigates and generally assists driver.

O/C Or officer in Charge: 值班主管警务人员

Member of the police force in charge of a police station, premises, or group of personnel.

Patrol Officer: 巡警警员

See Duty Officer.

Routine Check: 例行查问

Questioning of a person in the street or persons in motor cars to establish identity and bona fides.

Section Sergent: 分队警长

Sergeant in charge of personnel on a shift.

Sub-Officer: 下属警官

Member of the police force of Sergeant or Senior Sergeant rank.

Supervisor: 督导

A member of the police force of any rank who supervises other personnel.

T.O.G or Traffic Operations Group: 交通警察

Police personnel assigned to traffic and highway patrol duties.

Watch House: 拘留所

Receiving area and cells in a police station where persons arrested are processed.

Watch House Keeper: 拘留所看守员

Police member responsible for security of prisoners, property, and watch house duties.

AFP (Australian Federal Police): 澳大利亚联邦警察