Amphetamine: 安非他命

Drug of addiction, commonly prescribed but under strict control, used illegally when not prescribed.

Slang: speed, fast, quick.

Barbiturates: 巴比妥类药物

Tablets such as, Mandrax, Nembutal, Tuinal, Amytal.

Slang: Barbs, Mandies.

Benzedrine: 苯甲氨

White tablet.

Cannabis: 大麻类毒品

(Cannabis Sativa. L.) Indian Hemp plant, fresh or dried parts of plant.  A “Drug of dependence.”

See also: Hashish, Marijuana, Narcotic plant, Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Slang: Grass, Weed, M.J, Mary Jane, Marihuana, leaf, smoke, dope.

Joint-smoke- a deal-small saleable amount.  Roll a “number-roll a smoke.

Number-a smoke. Heads-flowering top of cannabis plant.

Blow a number-to smoke Indian Hemp. Buddha Stick-dried cannabis plant matter compressed into stick.


Inhaling plastic solvent, adhesive cement, cleaning agent, glue, dope, nail polish remover, lighter fluit, petrol sniffing, or other volatile product derived from petroleum, paint thinner, lacquer thinner, aerosol propellant, anaesthetic gas etc.


Cocaine: 可卡因

Colourless white, odourless, fluffy white crystals, similar to snow  Usually sniffed (snorted).

Slang: Coke, Snow, White Lady.

Codeine: 可待因

Odourless white crystals, as crystalline white powder, or in the form of white tablets.

Crack: 可卡晶

Cocaine with baking soda or ammonia and water added, then filtered to obtain crystals. Usually smoked.

Cultivate: 种植毒品

Includes, sow a seed of a narcotic plant, plant; grow, tend, nurture, harvest of a narcotic plant.

Ecstasy: 摇头丸

The “Love” drug! Derivative of amphetamines.  Sold in tablet form. Slang: X

Hallucinogenic: 迷幻剂

Psychedelic or mind-expanding drug causing sedative or stimulant effects  Eg., L. S. D. (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide).

Hashish: 大麻块

Derivative of cannabis plant Appears as hard, brown cakes of various sizes.  Slang: Hash, Lebanese Gold.

Hashish oil: 大麻油

Resin from cannabis plant  A thick dark brown to black substance. Drops of liquid placed on tobacco of rolled cigarettes.

Heroin: 海洛因

White or off-white or light brown crystalline powder – usually injected.

Slang: smack, skag, rocks(Brown/Grey), hammer, hammerhead, slow.

Gram-a measure used.

Cap-a capsule.

Bag-usually a one ounce bag.

Use-hit, inject.


L.S.D: 迷幻剂

In liquid form is impregnated in sugar cubes or on blotting paper. In tablet form is known as, Purple Haze, Strawberry Cheer, Blue Cheer, Californian Sunshine, Orange Wedges, White lightning, Clear Light, Hawaiian Cheer, Micro Dots, Moons.  Also known as “Acid”.

Slang: trips, tickets, moons, half moons, clear light. Use-to trip, freak out.

Marijuana: 大麻

Cannabis plant, usually from 4’to 6’ tall, numerous branches, deep green to light green. Leaflets are serrated and veined.  Usually smoked in rolled cigarettes or “joints”.

Methamphetamine: 甲基苯丙胺、甲基安非他明、冰毒

Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride: 盐酸伪麻黄碱,(感冒药康泰克原料,冰毒原料)

Cultivation of narcotic plants: 种植毒品原植物

Bust: 突袭

Raid by police, arrest for drug offence.

Hanging out: 毒瘾发作

Heroin addict in need of another dose of the drug.

Score: 买毒品

To buy drugs.

Stoned: 迷痴状态

In a State of marijuana intoxication.