What is a Community Correction Order?么是社区矫正令?
A Community correction Order (CCO) is a court-imposed order that allows you to serve your sentence in the community.社区矫正令(CCO)是指法庭发布的强制矫正令,允许你在社区内服刑。
What are the terms of an order?矫正令规定的条款是什么?
* Not commit a further offence* 不得再次违法
* Comply with any obligation or requirement prescribed by regulation 17 of the Sentencing Regulations 2011* 遵守《2011 年判决条例》第 17 条规定的所有义务或要求
* Reporting within 2 business days of commencing the order* 矫正令生效两个工作日内报到
* Attend regular and ongoing supervision appointments as required* 按要求定期、持续参加监视面谈
* Notify any change of address or employment within 2 business days* 地址或就业情况变更后两个工作日内通知个案经理
* Not leave the State of Victoria without the permission of your Case Manager* 未经个案经理许可,不得离开维州
* Obey all lawful instructions and directions from your Case Manager which may be written or verbal* 遵守个案经理提出的所有合法书面或口头说明与指示
What conditions could be included on my CCO?我的社区矫正令中有哪些条件?
* A CCO must have at least one or more of the following conditions:* 社区矫正令中必须含有以下一个或多个条件:
* Unpaid Community Work* 无报酬社区工作
* Treatment and Rehabilitation* 治疗与康复
* Supervision* 监督
* Non-association* 严禁与特定人士联系
* Residence restriction or exclusion* 居住地限制或禁止
* Place or area exclusion (may be electronically monitored)* 禁止在某个地方或区域出现(可能通过电子设备监控)
* Curfew(may be electronically monitored)* 宵禁(可能通过电子设备监控)
* Alcohol exclusion* 严禁进入售酒场所
* Judicial monitoring* 司法监督
* Justice Plan* 司法计划
* Or any other condition that the Court deems appropriate to address the offences.* 或者法庭为解决相关犯罪问题而认为合适的其它条件
What do these conditions means?这些条件意味着什么?  
Unpaid community work无报酬社区工作
This is when you work for non-profit organisations as a way of making amends to the community for your offences. The maximum number of hours that can be ordered is 600为非营利组织工作,是为自己违法行为赎罪、对社会进行补偿的一种方式。矫正令可规定的 工作时数最长为 600 小时
One day of work equates to 8 hours of ordered community work. An example of how much time will be needed to dedicate towards undertaking your community work responsibilities is included below:一天工作是指 8 小时社区工作。以下举例说明如何换算完成社区工作所需的工时:
600 hours = approximately 75 days of work600 小时=大约 75 个工作日
300 hours = approximately 37.5days of work300 小时=大约 37.5 个工作日
100 hours = approximately 12.5 days of work100 小时=大约 12.5 个工作日
Orders with outstanding community work cannot be transferred interstate.  You cannot travel or move interstate until you have completed all community work commitments.  If you are not physically well enough to perform community work, it is up to you to provide evidence of this or you will be returned to court for re-sentencing.未完成的社区工作不能转到州外去做。未完成所有社区工作,不得离开维州或搬离维州。 如果身体不好无法胜任社区工作,你有责任提供相关证据;否则会让你重返法庭接受重新判刑。
Treatment and Rehabilitation治疗和康复
You will have to participate in treatment (which may include testing) for either drug and/ or alcohol related issues or medical or psychiatric problems.  This may include employment, educational, cultural and personal development programs.你必须接受治疗(内容可能包括检查化验), 治疗吸毒酗酒或精神身体方面的问题;这可能包括参加就业、教育、文化和个人发展等项目。
You may be required to participate in supervision. This may include engaging in regular discussions with a case manager and the development of a Case Plan.可能会要求你参加监督面谈。这可能包括定期和个案经理讨论、制定《个案计划》。
The court may order that you must not contact or associate with a specific person, for example a co- offender or member of a specified club or association such as a sports or motor cycle club.法庭可能发布命令,严禁你和某人联系或来往,比如严禁你和同案犯或某个特殊俱乐部、协会会员(如某运动俱乐部或汽车俱乐部会员)来往。
Residence restriction or exclusion居住地限制或禁止
The court may order that must or must not reside at a specific address. If you have this condition you cannot change your residence without returning your order to court for a new residence to be noted.法庭可能下令你必须在某居住地居住或者严禁在某居住地居住。如果有这一条件, 若未交回矫正令并通知法庭记录下新地址, 就不得搬家。
Place or area exclusion禁止在某个地方或区域出现
The court may order that you must not enter or remain in a specified place or area, for example a specified sporting venue or the central business district of Melbourne.法庭可能下令禁止你进入或在某一特殊地方或区域逗留;比如某一特定体育场所或墨尔本市 中心商业区。
The court may order you to remain at a specific address for set period/s of up to 12 hours on specified days, for up to 6 months.  For example, that you remain at home between 9pm and 6am every night.法庭可能下令,某些日子和某些时间段你必须在某地停留长达 12 小时;此规定有效期最长 可达六个月。比如,规定你每天晚上九点到第二天早上六点必须留在家中。
Alcohol exclusion严禁进入售酒场所
The court may order that for either a set period or at all times, you must not enter or remain in any licensed premises: including nightclubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, reception and function centres or consume liquor in any other licensed premises.法庭可能下令在某段时间或所有时候,严禁你进入或在售酒场所逗留;这包括夜总会、酒吧、餐馆、咖啡馆和活动中心,法庭也可严禁你在其它售酒场所喝酒。
Judicial monitoring法监督
The court may order that you reappear before them during the operational period of your order for the Magistrate to review your compliance and progress.法庭可能下令要你在矫正令生效期间重新出庭,由初级法院法官重审你的矫正令执行和进展 情况。
Justice Plan司法计划
A Justice Plan is for offenders who are registered with Intellectual Disability Services and allows them to focus on their offence related behaviour.司法计划适用于那些在智力残障服务机构登记的违法者;该计划能让他们关注自己的违法行为。
The court may require you to pay a bond as part of your order.  Your bond will only be returned if you complete your order.法庭在矫正令中可能规定你支付保证金。只有矫正令结束后,保证金才能取回。
What is an Intensive Compliance period?什么是强化执行期?
This is a period of 6 months or more where the court orders that one or more conditions must be completed during that period.强化执行期时长六个月或六个月以上;法庭下令在此期间必须完成一个或几个条件。
What happens if I cannot comply with a condition of my CCO?果我无法遵守矫正令的条件会怎么样?
If your circumstances change and you can no longer comply with your order, contact your case manager immediately as you may be able to apply to the court to have your order varied or cancelled.如果情况有变而无法遵守矫正令,请立刻和个案经理联系。因为你或许可以向法庭申请更改 矫正令或取消矫正令。
What happens if I don’t comply with my order?我不遵守矫正令会怎么样?
You may:你可能:
* Receive a warning from CCS management* 收到社区矫正服务处的警告
* Have to do additional unpaid community work* 必须额外完成无报酬工作
* Have your curfew extended* 延长宵禁时间
* Receive a fine (infringement notice)* 收到罚款(违规通知)
* Be returned to court where you may:* 回到法庭,有可能:
– Be sentenced to a maximum of 3 months imprisonment for failing to complete the order – 由于未完成矫正令而被判入狱,刑期最长可 达 3 个月
– Re-sentenced on your original charges – 对你原来的起诉罪名重新判决
– Receive a fine – 罚款
– Lose your bond – 失去保证金